Colorado Heirloom, Inc. has been a premier supplier of wood products to the awards and laser engraving industry since 1987. Our hardwood strips, plaques, wooden boxes, picture frames, and custom wood products are recognized the world over, and have become synonymous with quality.

As a wood products manufacturer in this industry for 30 years we have seen many product changes, especially since the introduction of the laser machines several years ago and now with the direct color print systems coming to the market. The products have moved from award plaques to hang on the wall to more functional personalized awards such as boxes and clocks. Boxes are currently very popular. They can be engraved or printed with 3D designs or color logos and be personalized outside as well as inside. Most of the time the boxes are used for the presentation of a very special gift or award. Boxes can be customized to fit the gift or award to give them a very high end look and presentation. Many woods are available and can be mixed to create different looks. Wood is very engravable and holds its high value perception whether used with trendy colors or traditional natural beauty. Color lacquers are also available to create diverse looks and engrave well. Laser engraving and color printing can be used very effectively together. Many gift and award professionals use the many selections of thinner wood blanks to create their own brand and line of products sold in their stores and online. It is quite inspiring to see what many in the award industry are creating with a piece of wood and a high tech laser engraver and/or printer. As a wood products manufacturer it is very inspiring and rewarding to be a part of many imaginative projects that come to life to provide very valuable, honorable and fun personalized gifts and awards for any occasion.

Though we have grown a lot since our beginnings 30 years ago, we are still proud to call Loveland, CO home. In August, 2015 we moved into our own larger facility. We are still growing and continue to dream up new products and ways of achieving our customers visions. One thing that has not changed is our never ending focus on quality and customer satisfaction.