Item #: MDFV5-A-F-1/4


Colorado Heirloom has worked with our wood suppliers to manufacture a specified laser compatible MDF core veneer product. These sustainable wood veneers have a NAUF certified MDF core with thin solid wood veneers on both faces. Each veneer strip is finished on both sides with two coats of clear lacquer. Our most popular sizes below minimize your waste on standard applications.

Choose your wood species, thickness, with clear finish or unfinished, or add color with a choice of 16 colored lacquers or one of our standard stains.

The stains are made so that the grain of the wood will show through the stain. Stained strips will be stained on both sides of the strip and finished with two coats of clear lacquer to seal the stain.

For the Color Lacquer strips, you have the choice of having 1 side coated with color or both sides of the strip coated with color. If you choose just to have one side coated with colored lacquer, the other side will have clear lacquer applied. The colored lacquers are designed to show minimal wood grain through the color.

Maple wood has been the most common wood used with our colored lacquers or stains but Alder and Walnut woods are also becoming very popular and give unique looks for your wood products!

Strip Size: 6" x 24" x (5/32", 1/4")

STRIP ORDER MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: 5 per wood species, size, thickness, stain or lacquer color (to hit quantity breaks all strips must be the same for that quantity)

Ordering in bulk? Please call for quotation on orders over 500 pieces of the same wood strip product.

**Please Note** Due to the nature of wood the color of every piece will vary. Mahogany, Poplar, Blue Pine and Hickory are a few of the most color varying species we carry. But all of the woods can and will vary from order to order as this is the beauty of Natural Wood. The variance in the base wood color can effect the coloring of the stain applied creating slight variance from piece to piece. We do our best to keep the coloring as consistent as possible.

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